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OM Signature Massage: Our signature touch massage is exclusively designed for relaxation and stress release. Incorporating both a soothing touch and signature aromatherapy to better reduce tension.

Custom Massage TherapyThis is the ultimate customized experience that will utilize our highly skilled massage therapists to perform a variety of pressures, stretches, techniques and tools to showcase different modalities. Completely designed for your own personal needs, different areas are addressed individually leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Sports Massage: This therapeutic massage uses either an anti-inflammatory CBD blend or balm to ease chronic muscle tension and stimulate soft tissue repair caused by overworked muscles. This customized sports massage incorporates a deep stretch with deep tissue work to target the tendons and fascia that create tension. These specialized movements encourage the release of any stiffness to restore mobility, prevent injury, and increase endurance.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage: This specialized massage uses essential oils and dry brushing techniques to encourage the natural drainage of lymph fluid; this will help to assist in releasing of extra waste products or toxins away from the tissues and lymph nodes, allowing the body to cleanse. 

OM Hot Stone Massage: Heated basalt stones will heal and revitalize your body, even more than the warm hands of your massage therapist. Your muscle tension is released, circulation improved, and joints loosened by the firm pressure, heated strokes, and warming effect of the stones.

OM Prenatal Massage: Prenatal massage relieves the tension and fatigue that is connected to expecting mothers. Using oils and lotions that are chemical and fragrance free, this massage is only available to those expecting after 12 weeks and can help with back, leg, and foot pain that can result from these changes in the body.

Cupping Massage: A traditional Eastern massage includes either resting cups in one spot or manipulating them along the skin. Through suction, the skin is gently drawn upward into the small cup. This increases blood flow in the targeted area, which helps loosen scar tissue, tightened facial tissue, and stagnant energy.

Hand and Foot Reflexology: The ancient art of Chinese Reflexology uses essential oils and a variety of pressure points on the hands and feet to align the energy frequencies of the body to promote self-healing, relaxation and balance. 


Extremity RejuvenationDesigned to relieve overworked extremities of the lower hand and arm or lower leg and foot region. This enhancement is an incredible add-on to any massage service. 

Scalp Renewal: This luxurious enhancement can be added to any massage to relieve tension and stimulate the scalp.

Sinus ReliefUsing cooling massage stones, this enhancement will relieve any sinus pressure and encourage drainage through your lymph nodes.

Hot StoneHeated basalt stones are added to targeted areas to decrease muscle tension and increase circulation. 

CBD Therapy: 50 mg of CBD oil is used throughout the massage and assists in pain relief, targets inflammation, improves skin health and helps reduce stress & anxiety for a truly relaxing massage.

Halotherapy: A portable salt machine is used during the massage session to disperse dry salt aerosol into the air. This has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects in the respiratory tract, while helping clear mucus and stimulate the body's natural immune defenses.

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