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Apex Energetics

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Apex Energetics is a company with unique business and health models. Our business model is to capture, integrate, and market, in a tangible form, the two key components of a successful health strategy: cutting­ edge science and practitioner observations/experience. Apex collaborates with the top international experts in the field utilizing the latest peer­reviewed scientific research to develop effective nutritional strategies. This process results in a unique, performance­based health approach we call the Apex Energetics Health Model. All Apex Energetics formulas are researched, formulated, and reviewed by the various members of our Scientific Advisory Board.


Chiroflow Pillows

The Chiroflow® Pillow’s Waterbase® design allows users to customize their pillow to their desired level of comfort, soft, medium or firm, by simply adding and removing water.

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The Chiroflow® Pillow’s Waterbase® design allows users to customize their pillow to their desired level of comfort, soft, medium or firm, by simply adding and removing water. The waterbase automatically adjusts to head movement throughout the night, maintaining essential cervical support, even when you move during sleep! No need to fluff and re­stuff. You wake less often during night and rise in the morning more refreshed.


Baobab Luxury Candles

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Our candles and diffusers are designed in Belgium, a country internationally renowned in the sphere of home decoration. Each candle is a handcrafted object. The glass is first hand cleaned and heated. The candles are then poured by hand in our European workshops.

To ensure a homogeneous burning and an outstanding quality, our candles require multiple pouring phases. A maxi-max candle for example requires four pouring phases, spread over two days.

Some of our limited edition candles are upholestered with precious Italian leather or handcrafted material. They are assembled in our European workshops by craftsmen with a rare know-how.

As a final stage, the Baobab Collection label and ribbon are applied carefully by hand, the final touch in the realization of this magnificent gift item.


Voluspa Candles

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To burn a Voluspa candle is to be introduced to a world of excellence in fragrance and candle light that delights the senses and adds luxe to everyday living.

Fueled by a love for art, fragrance and elegant illumination, Troy and Traci Arntsen created their first scented candle in their kitchen in 1999. Combining Traci's expert nose and knowledge of botany with Troy's engineering technical background, the duo is credited with developing clean burning and potently fragrant candles renowned in the industry. Voluspa's creamy coconut wax blend enhances fragrance throw, burns ultra clean, and delights consumers world wide.


Fully Activated CBD

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CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound made from hemp plants. It is non-psychoactive and safe for humans and animals. It’s been gaining increasing scientific attention. We’ve been using it for our family, friends, and pets for decades.

Pure CBD does not get you “high.” THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the cannabinoid that produces psychoactive effects, and it’s found in high doses in marijuana – hemp’s close cousin. But CBD is derived from hemp plants and is considered a safe plant by-product. While CBD and THC are both considered cannabinoids, they act on totally different receptors in the brain and central nervous system, which make up our endocannabinoid system. Only THC produces the effect that is associated with ingesting cannabis to get “high.”

Cannabidiol is best sourced from hemp plants that have little to no THC and are CBD dominant. For years, it was the other way around. That meant more processing, more contaminants, and less potent CBD. In other words, people were trying to get their medicine from the wrong plant.

CBD is often derived from commercial hemp – the same plants used to make paper, ropes, fabrics, even plastics. Most commercial extracts are sourced from these plants. However, this hemp is usually low in naturally occurring CBD, resulting in a poorer tasting, more dilute product. Another thing to note about commercial CBD is it’s often from plants grown overseas in poor soil. Since hemp is a plant that absorbs toxins, if it grown in dirty soil, it’s going to contain toxins.

In fact, when we started our friends-and-family operation, we looked for plants that were very high in CBD, so we could extract a purer product, and grown in good, clean soil, so the hemp would be toxin free. When we couldn’t find that kind of plant, we made it ourselves through gene selection and cross-breeding, and started growing it a few miles from our home.


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